Micro Machines Catwalk

Client: Jazwares

This stop-motion web ad was created to promote the release of new GM licensed Micro Machines. I wanted to have the cars speeding through bright neon graphics and opted for an in-camera approach that incorporated the use of a rear-projection screen and multiple light passes.

The catwalk elements were constructed by Lewis Belgum, and assembled on-site by myself at the makeshift Covid studio. I'll add more behind the scenes photos soon.

One thing I'd like to highlight is the dual-winch system for the ceiling lights. It’s important to have as much modularity as possible in a stop-motion set so that things can be reconfigured for various angles and compositions. Instead of bolting the light array directly to the ceiling, I built a suspension system that allowed either end of the array to be lifted and lowered, and the entire thing swivelled for additional flexibility. This allowed me to adjust the array for the individual requirements of every shot. Neat!

Behind the Scenes

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