Pokeballin 2

I created this video in the summer of 2014 to experiment further with the LEGO medium. Primarily, I wanted to create expressive characters that broke the mold of traditional brickfilms. To achieve this, I first started with illustrated style frames that determined the shape of the characters in each shot. There were no limits placed on these style frames, resulting in some funky and distorted designs that had to be custom made. What resulted were dozens of individual models for just five characters. This constant switch means you hardly see the same character model twice.

Overall it was a joy to make and resulted in a fun video with a unique visual language. It was subsequently awarded with Best Animation in a couple online brickfilming communities.


Owen Marshall
Dylan Woodley


Bricks in Motion Awards

Best Animation - Winner
Best Visual Effects - Winner
Best Set Design - Nominee

Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival

Best Brickfilm - Winner
Best Animation - Winner
Best Sound Design - Winner
Best Voice Acting - Nominee

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